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1/3 Team Human AU || Lydia - “Ruby”

Stiles, code name ‘Spark’, Lydia, code name ‘Ruby’ and Allison, code name ‘Huntress’ are part of  the FBI “R-ED” division (‘Rogue’ Extermination and Disposal), a special division focused on the elimination of supernatural creatures who are killing innocent civilians.

Sent to dispose of the supernatural creatures wreaking havoc in Beacon Hills, California, Team H-18 is determined to get the job done clean and fast. None of them expect to be assisted by the local Hale werewolf pack, nor do they expect to find a pack of Alphas slowly tearing the town apart. 

They’re in for a tough ride.




Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

these men are such fundamentally different dancers but especially at slow GIF speed it’s clear how perfectly precise they were as a duo.

Donald O’Conner was actually nervous about this because he considered himself more of a hoofer than a dancer, and if you watch this number you can see he uses his upper body less than Gene Kelly. Also, they were both really worried that the other would turn the opposite direction from them, but as you can see, unlike Zoolander, they both turn left. :D

(Source: bellecs)

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